The Anti-Productivity PC


I bought an older used PC from a buddy of mine a few months ago. Not because I needed a desktop PC–I was still using my soon-to-be-retired workhorse MacBook at home, and I had my work computer (Thinkpad T500) at work, so I wasn’t really hurting for another computer. However, I had a vision in mind for this computer. I was driven.

Driven to use it for absolutely nothing productive.

Needless to say, I was something of a man on an anti-mission.

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Three Neat Links


Just thought I’d share a few neat links to some highly underrated web apps that make computer/tech things a little bit easier. Easy PC Setup

This one is particularly useful for people who switch between several PCs (or are somewhat nomadic in their PC habits): it lets you select among a few dozen regular Windows apps (browsers, media players, IM clients, file sharing apps, security software, browser plugins, etc.), and batch-install them all without having to download multiple installers, uncheck all the stupid newsletter signups/toolbar installs, and so on.'s custom install service.

Goodbye bloatware.

Between and my Google Apps habit, I can make pretty much any PC be just as usable as my main work computer in a matter of minutes. Pretty cool–and good for less tech-savvy folk who want the apps but might not be savvy enough to say no to a few toolbars.

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WordPress vs. Blogger


I’ve been using blogs hosting on since 2o05 or so, mostly because I like some of the more basic themes and it was pretty easy to pick up and play with. I also liked the name more than Blogspot/Blogger. WordPress sounded all writer-y and shit.

It wasn’t until discussing the merits of each with the rest of the Oh Snap, Son! crew, that I realized that the two are very, very different. We decided to go with WordPress mostly because no one really cared that much and I already used WordPress. (Brendan, for the record, still wishes we used Blogger because he’s all over Google’s nuts.)

While comparing the two, I realized that there’s a very different user culture between the two as well. (I don’t really do anything in the WordPress forums, or go out of my way to interact with other WP users, so I had no idea. Still, I had no idea that the WP community was so diverse, robust, and intellectual.

The WordPress Support forums.

These are the kinds of issues users have to deal with.

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