Twix: Helping Sleaze-bags Get Laid


Just had the pleasure of watching this wonderful bit of commercial television again, and had a real “WTF?!” moment:

Yes, it’s ok to completely ignore anything a woman says regarding serious subjects (i.e. anything other than getting back to the kitchen and making you a sandwich).

Yes, chewing a Twix will help you come up with a completely disingenuous excuse to get a random girl you just met at a party back to your apartment.

Also, I love the dialogue:

Guy: Do you wanna come back to my apartment?

Girl: What?!??

Guy: Whaaaaaat???

Have to give the actor credit, he nails the douchebag style perfectly.

Dear Yelp, 1989 called and they want their Prince back


I’ve been traveling to the bay area for work lately, so I decided to use to find me some delicious food. I open Google Chrome and type in “” and here is what I get:

Prince of Persia... circa 1989

Somebody at IT has a sense of humour.

So at first I was like “HELL YEA THIS IS AWESOME”, but I tried to go to again and I got the same message. Huh. Ok.

I try to type in the IP address in the address bar.

Uh oh.

Uhm. Okay. I notice earlier that it said “Blocked IP:” and do a reverse DNS lookup:

The Internet is so creepy

I am guessing XO Communications could be a host provider judging by their website (which I can access). Perhaps the block of IP addresses originating from the hotel’s network  is on some blacklist?

So I did a trace route of the IP address and (which would probably giveaway my location, but this is for science!):


This is getting stranger and stranger

And nothing still.

This is as far as I got, but seriously though. I want to go to

Even more importantly, how would I go about answering the question below:

Is there anything which could explain suspicious activity from your connection?

Any ideas?