WordPress vs. Blogger


I’ve been using blogs hosting on WordPress.com since 2o05 or so, mostly because I like some of the more basic themes and it was pretty easy to pick up and play with. I also liked the name more than Blogspot/Blogger. WordPress sounded all writer-y and shit.

It wasn’t until discussing the merits of each with the rest of the Oh Snap, Son! crew, that I realized that the two are very, very different. We decided to go with WordPress mostly because no one really cared that much and I already used WordPress. (Brendan, for the record, still wishes we used Blogger because he’s all over Google’s nuts.)

While comparing the two, I realized that there’s a very different user culture between the two as well. (I don’t really do anything in the WordPress forums, or go out of my way to interact with other WP users, so I had no idea. Still, I had no idea that the WP community was so diverse, robust, and intellectual.

The WordPress Support forums.

These are the kinds of issues WordPress.com users have to deal with.

What’s more, many WordPress.com users are remarkably adamant in their decision. There’s a certain kind of elitist pride among many of them (the ones that aren’t advertising machines or spambots, anyway) which reminds me of being an ardent Apple enthusiast in the ’90s, before they were cool. Which isn’t a good thing–at least not if you want to sell a product as something used by normal people, rather than fanatics.

The WordPress support team in action.


When I explored the other side to see if the grass was greener, I found this one on the first page.

What IS the correct way to drink a Jager bomb?

These are the questions that only Blogger's crack team of support staff can handle.

You know, Blogger’s looking kind of cool after all.

-patrick miller

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