Gadget Budget Hacks Revisited: Awesomeness Squared


I’m here today to introduce a Google Labs feature I came across the other day: Google Squared.

As Pat outlined in his Gadget Budget Hacks post the other day, building an Excel spreadsheet to compare a number of products can be an incredibly useful tool.  Only problem is, you need to write all that crap in manually.

Enter Google Squared.

Take any product type you’re interested in, say, “Netbooks“, plug it into Google Squared, and it BUILDS A COMPARISON CHART FOR YOU:

HOLY !@#$@

Sorry Pat, you’re no longer needed here!

A search for lolcat unfortunately turned up no results, but when I pointed it in the right direction by adding ceiling cat, longcat, and tacgnol, to the search, it gave me this beautiful list of internet memes, and their eye colors:

Useful, now I can compare and choose which meme I want to exploit!

New columns and rows can be added at will, and if there are multiple choices for items you can select which you want, or manually input your own data.  It’s an incredibly powerful tool, and I’m sure it will only get better as time progresses.

Even Google Squared has its limits though:

Aww shucks, now I'll NEVER be able to keep them all straight...

Go try it out today, and let us know what your favorite “Squares” are!


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