A DF for the rest of us


Two dwarves one fortress

Tim Denee has managed to make stories and incidents from the incredibly deep and complex Dwarf Fortress accessible for the rest of us non-uber nerds.

Check out the article (via BoingBoing).

“Bronzemurder” would make an awesome metal band name…

Consulting Speak 101 – Lesson #3: Keep It Cool


Lesson #3 Keep It Cool

Welcome to the third installment of our 10 Lessons series of Consulting Speak 101.

We hope you’ve been able to incorporate some buzzwords in your everyday life. Well, we have some more life enhancing skills today.

When you work in consulting, you quickly realize that you have to learn how to do damage control. You want to make yourself look like you’re the one in control – stay calm, be smooth.



After a major disaster, walk into your morning meeting the next day to discuss what happened:

holy crap

Team, let’s get together and form some pain points and lessons learned about what happened last week.

Then quickly forget about what happened and move on:

We need to gather what our next steps are going to be so we avoid major show stoppers from materializing.

Come off with a “do-whatever-it-takes-we’re-all-in-this-together” attitude:

I don’t care if we need to synch up later in the afternoon to hash it out, but good God Jim. I don’t care how long it takes, the problem is getting fixed.

And now you’re the hero of the day.

For your silly (and serious) entertainment, I leave you with a video:

So I guess the dude wrote a book and after he created a blog (surprise).  The book used to be amusing, but given the Bear Sterns, Bernard Madoff, insider trading and CDO fiasco, now it’s just downright annoying and infuriating. These guys are the reason why savings were wiped out. 2006 may have been his year, but 2008 and beyond has been nothing but downhill. I guess now it feels good to be a consultant. 😉

In case you missed our previous lessons, find it here and here.

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The current world of bears as far as the Internet is concerned:


You're scaring all the children away!!


The Rampaging Colbert's Arch Nemesis

Gummi Bears

Turns out Gummiberry juice was banned in 49 states

Berenstein Bears

Keepin' it real since 1974

Yogi Bear

Secret's out... Yogi is actually a homeless guy in disguise

And now, the newest addition to the bear family:


OHAIGUYS! Refer me to your friends! KTHXBYE

I have no idea why LA Times decided to run this story on their front page two weeks ago, but apparently you can contact Death Bear and have him come visit you to explain to your child about death. Is it just me, or it this just insanely creepy?