A DF for the rest of us


Two dwarves one fortress

Tim Denee has managed to make stories and incidents from the incredibly deep and complex Dwarf Fortress accessible for the rest of us non-uber nerds.

Check out the article (via BoingBoing).

“Bronzemurder” would make an awesome metal band name…

The Anti-Productivity PC


I bought an older used PC from a buddy of mine a few months ago. Not because I needed a desktop PC–I was still using my soon-to-be-retired workhorse MacBook at home, and I had my work computer (Thinkpad T500) at work, so I wasn’t really hurting for another computer. However, I had a vision in mind for this computer. I was driven.

Driven to use it for absolutely nothing productive.

Needless to say, I was something of a man on an anti-mission.

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