This jam is the


Can’t stop listening to this… wish they put out more music!  I love the sample(s) and the production is bad-ass.

The title roughly means “Hot-heads”

To quote Youtube user  Rat2Ville, “Du classique <3”!

I’m a rapper!


This interlude just came up on my ipod, I forgot how genius J-Live is! Enjoy:

“I’m a rapper.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I rap…you know, baggy pants, book-bags, baseball caps…”

“Ohhh, a backpacker?”

“No, a rapper. You know, forties and blunts, bitches and gats…”

“Oh, a gangster?”

“No, a rapper. I rap. I like shell-toes, break beats, kung-fu flicks.”

“L-like a b girl?”

“Welll, that’s not quite it. I sweat myself, I grab my crotch, I curse a lot.”

“Oh, you’re from Brooklyn?”

“Ah-hah, no, a rapper, but point tooken. I’m ghetto in the suburbs white boys are my niggers. They pay for the studio time; I’ll complain they’re fuckin me later. I go to jail a lot, I’m hardcore.”

“A thug?”

“It’s bugged. I write poetry out of a deep seeded need to be loved. I stand in circles, I roll with crews, I require affirmation… nahmean??”

“…Word! True”

“I represent, I hold it down in the street.”

“Ohhhh, you’re gravity?”

“No, a rapper. I rock lyrics over beats!”

“Oh…you mean an emcee??”