Dear mother of God…


My Japanese ex-host Mom has taken her obsession with doggy clothing one step further: she’s opened up a friggin’ online store.

Behold, the insanity:


The shop is named “Hot Wan”.

“wan wan” is the Japanese Onomatopoeia for a dog’s bark.

It’s actually a pretty clever name.

Urban Workouts


Found this over at Mark’s Daily Apple (link below). Gotta try this sometime.

Whenever I visit a new city, I like to go for a walk. Cities are meant to be traversed by foot, in my opinion. Sticking to taxis or buses erects a barrier. You gotta put foot to pavement and really connect with a city, especially if you’re just visiting (no time to spare). On my walks, I invariably find myself scoping out the scenery for possible workout “equipment.” I do this everywhere I go, in fact, not just in cities. It may mean I annoy my wife with my roving eyes (hey, at least I’m just scoping out park benches to jump, rather than beds to lie in!), but it also means I’m never unequipped for an impromptu workout.

There are no immutable laws governing urban workouts, because every environment is different. In LA, for example, an urban workout probably means climbing a fifteen-foot tree in front of some suburban house, doing pull-ups at the top branch, and running from an eventually pound-bound pit bull that’s broken loose. Or hitting the Venice drum circle for a bout of Primal dancing. But there are certain features that every urban environment should offer to the intrepid, kinetic explorer.

Urban Workouts | Mark’s Daily Apple.