Oh Snap, Music! “Calle 13”


Welcome to another edition of “Oh Snap, Music!”.

This time it’s Puerto Rican group Calle 13.  Simply put, they are to commercial Reggaeton what an artist like Lupe Fiasco or Mos Def is to commercial hip-hop.

Once you hear Calle 13, there’s no going back.

Let me quote Youtube user “dark0mime” who in turn is quoting Residente, the band’s lead singer/rapper, in saying:

“calle 13 no es cabrón reggaeton, calle 13 es música”

Their music is a wild mix of live instruments, samples and beats, but always tight and well produced, as in La Jirafa.  The song features Brazilian percussion as well as cuts from the theme song of Amélie.

If you’re looking for a more slick, electronic feel, check out Tengo Hambre, or Pi-di-di-di.

They take their music seriously but have a great sense of humor which shows in almost all of their songs, but especially in the video for Cumbia de los Aburridos.

Just ignore their borderline racist song Japón with lots of random Asian stereotypes… *awkward turtle*

Shochu Bar!


There’s a new izakaya style restaurant in Berkeley, called Ippuku.

Good food, huge shochu selection, and nice ambiance.  Also, there’s shochu happy hour where glasses of shochu are half off!

Check it out.

Schochu by the glass...

Schochu by the glass...