The archives of Patrick Miller


Been sorting through a bunch of the work I’ve done over the last few years and figured I’d throw together a page with a few links to some of the work I am more proud of.

From the Escapist:

Here’s my full author page if you want to sort through everything.

The first freelance piece I ever wrote, on Bungie’s Marathon and Halo series connections.

An ode to the UC Berkeley Bearcade.

An interview with TheeTriforceGameMaster from back in the day. Kind of a pre-eSports thing.

First article on race I wrote for the Escapist.

An article about the New Games Journalists, heh.

From PCWorld:

Full author page here.

Whole bunch of stuff on mechanical keyboards.

Citizen journalist tech tips, during the peak of Occupy stuff.

Fun testing an antibacterial UV light.

Interviewed Day[9]’s mom. Nicest lady in the world.

Series of interviews with pro gamers.

Series of interviews with eSports people.

Kind of frivolous, but this was my most popular PCW article series ever.

From insert credit:

Long look at me, training MMA/BJJ, and playing fighting games.

An essay about playing to win in games and how that helps you in life.

Top 5 games of 2011. The Words with Friends bit is the best.

In-depth look at Tim Rogers’s ZiGGURAT.

My entry in “Journalism, the videogame: Redux“.

From assorted blogs:

How to play Starcraft 2.

BJJ, MMA, and all the answers to your stupid questions.

Scratching the lion’s balls–a good friend’s immigration story.

My guide to health and fitness.

A hypothetical game pitch about the Black Panthers.


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