The Anti-Productivity PC


I bought an older used PC from a buddy of mine a few months ago. Not because I needed a desktop PC–I was still using my soon-to-be-retired workhorse MacBook at home, and I had my work computer (Thinkpad T500) at work, so I wasn’t really hurting for another computer. However, I had a vision in mind for this computer. I was driven.

Driven to use it for absolutely nothing productive.

Needless to say, I was something of a man on an anti-mission.

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Welcome Bacon Lovers


Hello All.

You came for the bacon, so we plan to ride the bacon wave as hard as possible (thank you, Izzy).

Here is a short clip from the God of Bacon himself, Jim Gaffigan (for all you infidels and non-believers).

In His words,

Bacon is like the fairy dust of the food community