Korean Boy Bands


So my cousin started a Korean boy band. No joke. With gimmicky dance moves and everything. The only difference is that their debut song is actually… quite good.

One Way

It was a little odd seeing him on stage and at the same time remembering this was the same guy that I carpooled with when I was taking a class over the summer at a college in Valencia, CA. He took Guitar class for fun, and I think I was taking some class to meet my undergrad GE requirements. His stage name is Chance, but I just know him by Michael – or the Koreanized version – “mah ee kul”. He studied at Berklee, so I’m sure he’s well connected in the music industry – but I can’t tell whether or not the comments on the articles that featured them are out of support or genuine interest in the band. Someone has already posted their music video with English sub-titles, Romanization and Korean. Did they just go viral? Insane.

They seem to be amassing a fan base out of Australia (two of the members grew up there) and gaining traction with fans in the States as they speak both English and Korean fluently. Call it a perfect storm, but their R&B style makes them appealing to US fans, their bilingual tongues make it perfect for communicating to adoring fans in Southeast Asia who can’t seem to get enough of Korean boy bands and the general Korean fan base are crazy for their boy bands. Let me tell you, this world is ridiculous. Suihanki wrote a post earlier about crazy dramatic Korean music videos – and yea, it’s all true.

Chance sent me over their CD from South Korea with my father as the mule:

CD Front

…and Chance had them autograph it:

CD Inside

Listen to them sing in English:

Find their Facebook fan page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Way/

For the sake of getting a plug for these guys, here are group members again in order: Chance, Peter Hyun and Young Sky


Peter Hyun

Young Sky

While I wish them all the luck in the world, I hope that their PR person markets them right and positions them in a way to cater to both the Korean and American audience. They all signed up with Twitter accounts too. Give @onewaychance a holler and tell him Izzy sent you. 😉

So, you have to tell me now, what are your honest opinions?

*All photos were taken from One Way’s publicly published photos on the Internet! Don’t eat me alive!


9 thoughts on “Korean Boy Bands

  1. wow! that is sooo cool! you’re cousin is Chance?
    I heard magic and i was so addicted to the song, it was playing on this random website, i was telling my friends how i liked the song but i couldnt find the name.
    My friend ended telling me to search lyrics and she found out it was a song from One Way~!!!
    man, you are so lucky! ^^
    hehe and btw im a fan from Australia 😀
    im so glad some koreans are finally being recruited here, there is such a huge KPOP fan-base here!!!
    *cough ONE WAY can come here, i will totally buy the concert tickets!!
    my opinion is….
    the songs are good…
    but hoenstly speaking…
    *sigh* YJ doesnt seem to be really good at promoting…
    just like with SHU-I….
    *so depressing*
    both groups are so talented…
    need to be advertised more, and more variety shows ❤
    btw am i really allowed to mention you?!
    hahaha, never had a celebrity talk to me before 😦
    you must be so proud~
    ehhh see you around !
    they areeee MAGIC<3

  2. Kuriju – Of course! You should follow Chance @onewaychance on Twitter and tell him Isabelle noona said she is trying her best to promote One Way! I don’t think he knows I wrote this post about him. 🙂

    Also, did you know that Young Sky was in SHU-I’s Bomb Bomb Bomb music video? Fans made a One Way forum on soompi if you want some more information on them: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=331204

    As Peter would say, “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!”

    Spread the word! 🙂

  3. Mariah

    The first song I heard was “One Way” and I loved it, then I found “Magic” and I was head-over-heels for them. I wish them the best of luck; soooooo jealous you’re related to them.

  4. HIkari_xAn

    i really am a fan of korean boy bands!!i love them!!
    and now here’s a new group!!! oMG..i hope they will make a big hit!!!Figthing!!….n_n

  5. I love One Way’s song “Magic” & “Wong Number” 🙂 My little sister was the one who told me about them & I instantly loved their r&b/ hip-hop style.

    I also saw their many guest appearances on the tv shows in the Philippines through the TV of course, cause I live here in California. And, I saw Chance’s little confession about having a crush on this one Filipina celebrity (KC Concepcion) It was so cute! I love it!

    Anyways, more power to them! Love their music & they sound great, live.

  6. cutiechaiz01

    I really love you guyzz!!!
    Especially peter 😀 although you guys are not so good looking but you guyz were so good in your performance and your voices are excellent!!!
    I Wish you will be knowed all over the world!!!Good luck and god bless!!!

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