Whispers of a Drunken Architect

Kagus Keel

Think you’re clever, eh Blizzard?

Who is Kagus Deel?

Folks who have played the third act of Diablo 3 may have heard rumors, whispers of his existence.

It is said his spirit roams the depths of Bastion, drinking in death as he did in life.

Do I smell a rare encounter? Or perhaps a DLC?


Un-Oaked Goodness


I know absolutely nothing about wine, but I like this one, discovered last year at Passionfish.  I believe “Un-oaked” means the wine was fermented in something other than Oak barrels (in this case, stainless steel).  This gives it a smoother taste than you’d expect.  Also, they don’t grow their own grapes; they use a combination of local Sonoma County vineyards.

Liocco Logo

The name rolls off the tongue...

Don’t let the ridiculous food-pairing suggestions like “fig pizza” stop you, it’s a damn good wine.

Lioco 09

Hmmm yes... just the wine I was looking for!

I like their description of the process,

…blending up a big tank of “grown” chardonnay, that is to say no bulk juice, is not unlike making a stew. you want to build in layers of nuance.

You can get it online, but not many other places out there have it.  I’ve have only ever seen it at Bi-Rite.

Check it out if you see it!