Oh Snap, Music! Stacs of Stamina


Stacs of Stamina are (were) Eurocrunk at its best.

For a quick and dirty intro to their work, check out “Poisson Screwed”:


‘Nuff said.

I recommend the whole Tivoli album and any of their other stuff you can find out on the intarweb.

Oh Snap, Music! “Zucchini Drive”


Hello Dear Readers,

We’re going to be throwing in posts about random music we like, especially the artists we think you might not know about.

We’d love to hear from you on these posts, so if you have any artists/songs/operas you’d like to throw in the mix, let us know!

Today I bring you Zucchini Drive, from the Marathon of Dope label.

I was wondering how to describe their sound when I came across the term “glitch hop” the other day.  Simply put,  it’s a kind of hip hop with a dirty, gritty feel, and heavy electronic influences.  On their recent album ‘Shotgun Rules’, which you can download here FOR FREE, Zucchini Drive delves into the realm of electro-rap, but also puts forth a surprising number of more melodic and haunting pieces.  Check out the contrast between these two.

Marcus Graap of Zucchini Drive was a member of the self-proclaimed ‘Eurocrunk’ group Stacs of Stamina, who deserve a post all to their own, and it’s definitely great to hear his work again in another group/project.

We hope you enjoy the music!