About OSS


Oh Snap, Son! was brought about by four young people who came together with a vision. A vision they believed would transcend social divisions and pop culture mediocrity. A vision with a voice that spoke to people across race, nation, and generation.

That vision was laziness.

See, each of us wanted to build our own little soap box on the Internet, but none of us were willing to put in the time and consistency needed to build an audience when we could be watching cat videos on YouTube. Whenever any of us tried to, we realized that as brilliant and beautiful and witty as we are, we didn’t have whatever it took to get you readers to stop watching cat videos on YouTube. So we did the math: four awesome people posting on one blog would require only 1/4th of the time. And thus the blog was born.

We hope you’ll come for the insight, stay for the humor, and maybe watch a few of the cat videos in the meantime.

Oh Snap, Son!

About the Contributors

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller in the house.

Professional ninja and writer for hire, born and raised in the Bay and schooled in L.A. (I do package deals if you have someone that needs a eulogy.) I’m into video games, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, health and fitness, and making fun of white people. Follow me on Twitter!

My last three jobs: Staff Editor for a tech magazine (current), Assistant Boxing Coach for a non-profit boxing gym, and a Fulbright Fellow in Nagoya, Japan.

Isabelle Park

I’m a consultant based out of San Francisco. I do some amateur photography, travel a ton, and try not to get into too much trouble!

Brendan Callum (a.k.a. “Suihanki”)

Recently returned to the S.F. Bay Area after a six year stay in L.A., now working as a CRM/PRM consultant in the city.

Obsessed with all manner of sub-cultures and cult followings. Accomplished beer snob. Fluent in Japanese. Cunning linguist. Ex-trombonist. Music freak. Sleepy.


Allen Seol

I’m a Bay Area native currently working as a researcher at UC San Francisco. I plan to attend medical school sometime in the near future. My interests include NPR, Coffee, hipster-indie music, Korean Food, Mahjong with old chinese ladies and cats. On weekends I volunteer for the Berkeley Free Clinic giving Russian speaking Mongolians and injection drug users vaccines and clean needles. Also I like to hit pads with Thai people and roll around on mats.

*Note: The white texture in the background is from Cookie at http://www.made-in-england.org/


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