Oh Snap, Music! Todd Terje


I’ll be quick and straight to the point on this one – check out Todd Terje if you like dance/house/electronic music.

I can’t claim that I knew of this Norwegian DJ since back on the day or that I have his original eight-track tape deck/vinyl white label.  In fact, I heard his song “Inspector Norse” at a Uniqlo.  I suppose a hipster critic would deem this pretty much the most “un-cool” way to discover an artist, but that fits with my generally un-cool nature.

Upbeat, quirky, and very very slightly reminiscent of disco, “Inspector Norse” combines the right amount of repetitive catchy melody with subtly changing background rhythms.  The end result is a peppy track that’s great for driving, running, dancing and other such activities.


If you dig the style, follow up with “Ragysh”, a longer, slower building track that comes off as less eletrco-disco and more serious.