can’t stop won’t stop!

eksu men puh sutu klassu

prof x looks really awkward here

angry birds are everywhere!

people are obsessed with angry birds

kohn puroh sutu

66% corn! they’rrrrre grrrreat!

kohn pura ee

“corn fry” – what? 62% corn? what is the rest?

:( or :) ?

oh snap!

baskin robbins ftw

blast!!!! flying!!! soda!!!

bee kee nee bar

interesting establishments

Some things I’ve learned here so far:

1. Koreans are obsessed with hotel buffets and consider it fine upscale dining. Also, KFC, McDonalds, Coffee Bean Bennigans, TGIFs and Pizza Hut – also considered a perfectly suitable place to take on a date.

2. It’s not unusual to stay out until 4AM, as there is no closing time or last call.

3. You can rent DVD rooms (DVD-bang) to watch a movie in private.

4. Clubs send out recon men (bikki) on the streets to convince/lure girls to come to their club.

5. Luxury tax is 100% of the item, so when you buy an imported German car (read Mercedes), the price is double.

6. 90% of cars here are black or white.

7. There is no concept of tipping.

8. McDonalds does delivery. 24 hours.

9. Meat and fruit are ridiculously expensive.

10. You pay a nominal deposit to use a grocery cart or get a reload-able subway ticket

11. I literally heard a student say “ohh nice! cash.” – I think he meant, “nice! cash money!”

12. Young women wear 4in+ heels all day everyday no matter how painful they can be

13. Wine’s been picking up here lately as the next elite thing to do (besides golf, hotel buffets, etc)

14. All clothing sold here actually fit

15. The city gets better and better every time I visit.


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