I still hate flying


I finally landed in South Korea!

It reminded me of how much I still hate traveling by air. My total travel time was about 18 hours with the layover in Narita, Japan. The flight was midday so I couldn’t force myself to sleep. When I wasn’t getting scolded to stay seated or failing at rightsizing my armchair-headrest-lumbar-back-light-tv angle ratio, I spent 90% of my time sitting down wondering what to do next. I ran out of an entire week’s worth of planned reading material in 3 hours. You would think that you would be able to do something very productive without teh Internet or any other distractions, but no – you get into this zombie like trance that prevents you from doing anything for more than 1 hour at a time.


A little after I ran out of reading material

I had booked first class tickets for this leg and back on the bazillion Continental points I was hoarding, so while I was physically comfortable and well fed my mind was about to go insane. The entire trip was kind of a black hole for me, and somehow, by the power of magical time-space continuum gods, I lost a day of my life, landing 17 hours ahead of my distant life back in San Francisco

Upon landing in Korea, there was a mass powerwalk shit show to the customs booths, where two Korean ajoomas literally tried to run me over with their looey-butohn suitcases to be first in line. Here, I got yelled at again (story of my life) for not having written down a specific address of where I’ll be staying in my paperwork.

Upon exiting baggage claim, the first thing I noticed was this fast food burger joint called KRAZE Burger. krajee!!!

krajee time!

We left in a hurry from the madness. (I should note that while speed limits are not enforced physically by police, they are tracked by photos. Cameras literally take a photo of you and send you your speeding ticket home along with a zoomed in photo of your face (and your passenger). This is defeated with available software/equipment you can install in your vehicle that lets you know where these cameras exist. Remember radar defectors?)

By the time I hit the sack, I had been up for more than 24 hours.

i dub this room mashimaro’s mosquito-free zone

Keep checking back often!


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