Into the Heart of Darkness


And…. we’re off!

Where and why I’m traveling:

I’ll be visiting Malawi and Zambia as part of Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation initiative called Nourish the Children. The foundation has partnered with several NGOs, whose mission is to help create natural renewable resources, educate farmers, end hunger and provision women’s health care in hard to reach areas of Malawi. Nu Skin FFG even has a Facebook page! To read a report about the organization’s trip last year, click here. To read even more about the NGOs, click here and here.

Ironically, Malawi is known as the “warm heart” of Africa, so the title of this post may be just a little bit off. 😉

Here are some of the stops our group will be visiting (descriptions borrowed from FFG website):

Madalisto VitaMeal Plant

Madalisto VitaMeal Production Plant - Lumbadzi, Malawi

Madalisto VitaMeal Production Plant - Lambadzi, Malawi

The Madilisto VitaMeal plant is owned and operated by Napolean Dzombe and produces more than 60,000 bags of VitaMeal every month and provides jobs for about 60 individuals and income to hundreds of farmers. Here, corn and soya beans are cleaned, roasted, ground and combined with a vitamin mix to create VitaMeal.

Mtendere Orphanage

Next to the Vitameal plant is the Mtendere Orphanage where students receive VitaMeal on a daily basis. Feed the Children is a third-party charity that receives and distributes VitaMeal.

Check out this cool video of the Orphanage!

Mtalimanja Village

The School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) at Mtalimanja Village was developed to teach farmers how to thrive on their small farms and provides their families with the resources and nutrition they need throughout the year without additional assistance. Farmers learn agricultural techniques including irrigation, fertilization and animal husbandry. There is also a child-care center and hostel that were built by Force for Good and trees planted through the Seeds of Hope program.

Before I arrive in Africa though, I’ll be spending some time in South Korea as well.
Overall, my itinerary looks like this:
Sickening, right? It’s probably about 100 hours of traveling. It’s as if I didn’t travel enough already…
Well, that’s it for this post! Keep checking back often!!!

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