Dear Yelp, 1989 called and they want their Prince back


I’ve been traveling to the bay area for work lately, so I decided to use to find me some delicious food. I open Google Chrome and type in “” and here is what I get:

Prince of Persia... circa 1989

Somebody at IT has a sense of humour.

So at first I was like “HELL YEA THIS IS AWESOME”, but I tried to go to again and I got the same message. Huh. Ok.

I try to type in the IP address in the address bar.

Uh oh.

Uhm. Okay. I notice earlier that it said “Blocked IP:” and do a reverse DNS lookup:

The Internet is so creepy

I am guessing XO Communications could be a host provider judging by their website (which I can access). Perhaps the block of IP addresses originating from the hotel’s network  is on some blacklist?

So I did a trace route of the IP address and (which would probably giveaway my location, but this is for science!):


This is getting stranger and stranger

And nothing still.

This is as far as I got, but seriously though. I want to go to

Even more importantly, how would I go about answering the question below:

Is there anything which could explain suspicious activity from your connection?

Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Dear Yelp, 1989 called and they want their Prince back

  1. SteveA

    Are you sure isn’t your own source IP? Considering your trace-route reached its destination in less than 1 millisecond and only took one hop, I’m betting you misunderstood the Yelp error page. it’s telling you that YOUR source IP address of is being blocked.

    • Steve. Yea, I did realize I was pinging my own IP address in that traceroute since it literally just did take one hop. I felt a little ridiculous afterwards. I ended up masking my IP and getting to the site that way and contemplating on emailing the address just to see if someone would respond, Prince of Persia style. I tried again the next day and I was able to access the site. I just found it amusing that Yelp’s IT team still has a little bit of a sense of humour. 🙂 Thanks for the validation.

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