Wait, you did what?


To fulfill a teenage dream of mine, I recently went out and got my motorcycle endorsement – also known as a M1 in the state of California.

I started with absolutely zero knowledge about motorcycles and I have never operated anything with a manual transmission. The only thing I really knew was that I loved being on an open road and well, motorcycles are just pretty badass.

I was always curious about it, but never really dared riding one. As a female, I didn’t really mention it too much to others. It is known more to be a young, reckless guy thing. You know, the need to cool, hard, and edge-of-your-seat-dangerous. I just went for it out of the blue, as part of a bucket list thing.

This guy is in for it

This isn't going to end well

Of course I plan on telling my folks at some point. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking straight and I had my license mailed (California mails it instead of minting it on the spot) to my parent’s house because it is the only permanent address I have since I travel a lot for work. My folks found out I got my M1, but somehow they are under the impression I am going to ride a baby blue Vespa with a pink flowing scarf. Maybe even join a Vespa gang. Their daughter couldn’t even possibly be thinking about getting a motorcycle! Well, once I do get my first bike I suppose I’ll show up in a pink bike with pink gear. (I kid. About the pink, anyway.)

S-Unit Represent!

Scooter Gang


This is just a bit too much

Over the years, I watched a lot of my friends get bikes and didn’t really give it a second thought. All the female riders I knew stood out in particular though. In general, it seems that many people get their M1’s and never really do anything about it. A girl I knew in college showed up with a green Kawasaki Ninja EX250. “Neat.”, I thought to myself. So I’m not the only one who has wanted to ride! I recently found out that a coworker also rode, but she only rides on race tracks and never on the street. Also equally awesome. I have been in touch with both of them, and they have really been instrumental in helping me pick out my gear, bike, and just getting set up. Of course, there are lots of guys I know that ride that are always willing to help a lady out, but there’s something that guys just don’t get when it comes to fast, smart women. 😉

The first step I took was taking a CHP (California Highway Patrol) sponsored MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course. Was I scared to ride? Hell yes. Did I pee in my pants? No. Did I want to? Yes.  Did I fall and drop my bike? Yes. Did I pass? Hm…

I know you’re dying to find out how it all went down (literally), but I’m told by Pat that we’re in the business of getting repeat business, so you’re going to have to subscribe to our RSS feed or through blogger/buzz/reader to find out what happens on my next post…

Va Va Vroom!