Master Chief Is My Hero


There is no shortage of Internet content about Halo’s Master Chief. He is awesome.

Yea Buddy

Halo is a great video game, and I’ve seen friends try to manage their addiction to it with self inflicted interventions – only to get sucked back into it. I think one of the biggest sell points of the game is the story and character of Master Chief. I’ve had the pleasure of reading a great sci-fi novel about Halo that my friend let me borrow. The book describes the origins of the Spartan II super soldiers and serves as a prequel to the video game. Okay, I know that’s verging on the realm of dork-fest nation, but it was honestly an entertaining read.  (Oh and by the way, it’s the best book in the series, and the only one worth reading.)

The two videos that capture Master Chief’s pop culture reign are:

I’d say he is really up there among the popular video game figures like Solid Snake and Lara Croft. Unlike the characters though, he remains faceless. Maybe it’s a good thing that Bungie hasn’t really revealed the face of Master Chief. The dude is pretty badass, and I think every male who plays the game envisions himself as him and wants to be him in real life. Well if anything is for sure, it’s that Master Chief rocks!


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