Consulting Speak 101 – Lesson #2: Create Something Out Of Nothing


Today, we don our magician hat, and create value and thought-ware out of thin air.  When you need to sound like you are bringing in some ground breaking insight and need to make a short story long, here are some suggestions.

Top Hats. You better believe it.

Let’s just put some thought showers around that idea before we get into some positive baselining exercises. I don’t want to throw it over wall just yet.

I mean, it’s about operationalizing and transacting on our core competencies. Think about it John, a global framework for interconnectivity!

Oh Snap, Son! Check out this thing Al Gore invented!

Monica, this could be the next blue-sky initiative. This is going to be huge. Not only is this going to increase the company’s value proposition, but these efforts are going to bring in a holistic point of view for our shareholders.


Blue Skies? Or Blue Screens?

Jim, see – when you’ve got a show stopper in your project plan, you have to think outside of the box! Let’s take a 10,000 feet view of your problem:

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