Writing By Hand: The Most Useless Skill Of Two Thousand And Late


Honestly, when was the last time you ever hand wrote anything?

Is the art of calligraphy and penmanship just an ancient notion, a relished token of the past?

Why does the need for learning cursive in grade school exist in the first place anyways? Could we all have been brainwashed into thinking cursive would be a life enhancing skill?

This looks like a complete waste of time.

Digital communication and even your neighborhood’s “greening movement” has done away with handwriting.

If students do their assignments on the computer, there will never even be a need to practice handwriting. Even standardized tests today are administered in front of a computer screen.

Consider this scenario: You’re given 20 minutes to write a comparative essay that is partly graded by a computer that picks up on “key words”. Your strategy: Type as much BS as you can without sounding like a complete idiot. Unfortunately, this is a real, recommended strategy (below). Students who failed Mavis Beacon’s teachings are at an immense disadvantage than their peers who graduated.

Q: Given that E-Rater checks spelling, doesn’t the test discriminate against poor typists, especially considering the time pressure involved during the test? For that matter, aren’t slow typists, as well as people who are not proficient at using word processors, at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to the GMAT essays?

A: Yes, and that’s one of the chief complaints about the GMAT essay sections. Slow and inaccurate typists are at an inherent disadvantage….

I read poem about Lorem once.

Business correspondence today is done in email, and thank you “letters” are now sent digitally. There once was a time when a handwritten thank you note was a sign of a “personal touch”, but in today’s world, the practice seems a bit too personal, and overboard.

Happy Birthday Ebony!
Happy Birthday Ebony!

Ebony… where have I seen that before? But seriously, don’t.

On the other side of the coin, there really is no replacement for the “human” that lives on handwritten notes. You won’t be able to tell how I cross my t’s, or the way that my z’s are tightly curved when I sign “Izzy” (Hey, that’s me!).

But let’s be honest here, writing by hand has been approaching extinction since its inception. It’s been doomed since it was a required curriculum in grade school. It seems useful only for signatures on legal documents (oh, and signing credit card slips do NOT count) and Grandma’s birthday cards (only because she can’t turn on the computer). Every other form of communication is done in digital and print type face – emails, letters, memos, wedding Evites, Facebook Funeral invites, prescriptions – you get the idea.

I see a future where babies can text before they talk, and a child can turn on a computer before they can walk.

I’d suggest teaching your children how to type (>30 wpm, please) immediately. Now that will be a skill they will thank you for when they look back at 2010!


One thought on “Writing By Hand: The Most Useless Skill Of Two Thousand And Late

  1. Ron

    I’m a pretty good typist, faster and generally more accurate yhen most of my friends. Completing almost all of my texts in whole sentences rather then shortened text speak. However I still prefer writing and find it is as a whole better. When typeing i dont feel the paper? It almost completely manual and if im taking notes i generally absorb none of what im typing, however with writing there is no weird spell check messing up wprds or autotype finishing my sentences. Actively writing involves activiely listening, but with typing not so much. The disconnect is definitely a factor that will keep me clinging to my perfectly manicured notebooks. Also, personally, i judge people based on how well they can write. And not just cursive because i’ll admit I can’t even write my own name in cursive. But if you cant write one sentence in print legibly, then quite frankly there is something wrong with you. And i dont know, perhaps there is something actually wrong that prevents your motor skills from allowing someone to qrite, but if that not the case then i have no time for you at all. And i feel bad when ever I here an english teacher say typing is optional because every time they mention typing they will also mention some horrendously illegible submissions they have recieved and all i can do is feel bad for whoever wrote it and what there lives must be lile.

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