The Morning In Tech: Apple Tablet, iPhone Rumors Abound, Google Docs Lets You Store Anything


First up: an Apple tablet rumor.

First, TG Daily claims that an “anonymous designer” complained to them that it’s currently nearly impossible to order a 10.1 LCD or OLED screen from any Asian manufacturer, because Apple has pre-ordered them all. It makes sense: If Apple plans to move a million and a half (as some predict) units every quarter, they need all the screens they can get. This rumor supports the now prevailing opinion that the fabled tablet will have a 10.1 inch screen, but will it be LCD or OLED? Or both? We can’t be sure right now.

Also, MacRumors has noticed that the website of a company Apple had bought five years ago, Fingerworks, is no longer online. Fingerworks is a gesture recognition company, and it’s possible that some of its technology will be used (or at least it’s similar to the multitouch technology) in the upcoming tablet. Apple may have opted to remove the site to avoid any confusion, but for us, it’s just another tiny piece of the puzzle, suggesting that the unicorn tablet is actually coming (or will at least be announced) later this month.

My take: it shouldn’t really be called a “rumor” at this point–it’s practically fact by now that Apple is releasing a tablet. 10.1-inch screens and some yummy multitouch features sounds nice–after CES 2010, it’s pretty clear that coming out with a tablet alone isn’t going to do it. Giving it a killer UI, on the other hand, could potentially define the category.

Next up: Apple’s new Dual-Core iPhone (with video calling) could debut in…April?

The Korea Times claimed Tuesday that sources at KT said the new phone would have an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, would feature video chat functionality, and a removable battery is “highly likely.” The report also said the new iPhone would include dual-core processors, more powerful graphics capabilities, and a superior camera.

Talks over initial sales have reportedly been under way at KT, which plans to sell the fourth-generation device to corporate clients in April as a “litmus test.” Local distributors would allegedly receive the new device in June, which would represent the typical timeframe for an iPhone launch.

My take: I call bullshit for a few reasons. First, Apple has never done an Asia-first product launch, and there’s no way that the U.S. cellular network (which can barely handle existing iPhone traffic, thanks to AT&T) could handle the network demands of dual-core apps, much less video calls. Second, considering the state of the market, there’s no reason for Apple to move into dual-core processors quite yet–they really don’t lead the industry in spec advances, just user experience standards.

Finally, Google upgraded their Documents app to a general-storage app, which is nice because I use the shit out of Google Docs.

Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out the ability to upload all file types to the cloud through Google Docs, giving you one place where you can upload and access your key files online. Because Google Docs now supports files up to 250 MB in size, which is larger than the attachment limit on most email applications, you’ll be able to backup large graphics files, RAW photos, ZIP archives and much more to the cloud. More importantly, instead of carrying a USB drive, you can now use Google Docs as a more convenient option for accessing your files on different computers.

My take: Sweet.

RUMOR: Apple Orders a Lot of 10.1 Inch Screens, Removes Old Multitouch Website. (

Apple’s Next Gen Dual-Core iPhone Could Debut In April (

Upload your files and access them anywhere with Google Docs (Google Blog)


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