How To Win Friends and Influence People… with BACON


Planning to host your next party that will make people talk about it for rest of 2010? Look no further.

1. Bring Appetizers. Lots of them.

Hey... it's fruit

Omg... it's everywhere

Get your veggies in!

Dates are fruit.

Not your mom's deviled eggs

Arrg walk the plank you scallywags!

2. Bring main courses

One word: Meatcake


Bacon... with rice

nom nom nom

3. Bring condiments

Lite, to be healthy, of course

Don't be salty

To protect those chappy lips and to continually smell of bacon

4. Bring Dessert

Snap, Crackle and Pop would be so proud

Sweet Mother of God

5. Bring Alcohol

Get crunked with bacon

6. Wear Clothing

Wear bacon

Just follow these steps to ensure your next party will be a HIT!!!

*Thank you Faye Xu and Katrina Chan for the awesome pictures! πŸ™‚


68 thoughts on “How To Win Friends and Influence People… with BACON

  1. superalzy

    I made banana cupcakes with peanut butter Swiss buttercream topped with bacon over the weekend! Delish! Elvis would have been proud!

  2. BlueNebula

    Bacon makes me a happy man!

    @thelocalguide you can get that shirt at I want to get it, I think its hilarious lol!

  3. Carol

    My mouth is watering! yum

    My brother who hasn’t eaten beef or pork in 9 years, said at Christmas that of all the things he gave up, he only misses the bacon. Poor guy. Pass the bacon! I’ll eat his share.

    • Ya know the bacon lip balm is vegetarian safe… I have my doubts.

      Bacon on or in… at a certain point, it ceases to be cake, and becomes merely a bacon delivery device.

  4. now how to get on the guest list for this bacon party…?

    and, just a side note, but bacon lip balm is a bit unnecessary if you’ve been eating enough bacon. right?

  5. pandabox33

    Wow the rice krispies squares sure got my attention. But I make something that’s not here : peanut butter-bacon rolls. You would make tons of friends.

  6. David Oh

    Dude, I was at Faye’s/Megan’s/Jason’s party where the majority of these pictures were taken. Should they get some credit?

    Anyhow, one thing that was quite interesting was bacon vodka. Faye made us drink this with BBQ sauce. My throw up never tasted better.

    • How’d it go??? Did ya satisfy your bacon craving?

      Also, I want to take this time to mention that we DID NOT accept ANY kind of donations WHATSOEVER from the Bacon Association of America for this post.


  7. I love condiments. And I’m glad there was a #6 so I knew not to be naked when I had everything else to worry about. Like bringing the alcohol. Yup, wearing clothes definitely shouldn’t enter the scene until alcohol is obtained.

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