Evony and Irony


While browsing the web the other day I came across a juxtaposition of web ads which, simply put, blew my mind.  To explain, I need to take a few steps back.

First the Evony

As even the most casual web-browser will know, the free online game “Evony” has been bombarding the interweb since early 2009 with an ad-campaign that has gone from relatively medieval looking images from the game itself:

Totally tame soldier dude.

…to images of boobs, with such choice catchphrases as “Play Now, My Lord!”:

It's free, AND there's boobs?

The game itself is of course incredibly tame (farming/building/civilization, etc.), with nary a single boob in sight.

In fact, this gradual de-evolution into boobs has been well chronicled by many astute bloggers and has become so famous on the interwebs as to spawn ads from a different game, mocking the original campaign:

Ohhhhh, Snap!

Now the Irony

Here is the image which blew my mind (twice!):

Ohh the irony...

On the top we have one of the latest and greatest “boob ads” from Evony and on the bottom right, what’s this? An ad for a boyfriend tracking service?! Mind. Blown. (Also, “Jon S.” looks like a total douche)

I’m sure you can imagine my surprise, dear reader, when I came across these two ads, clearly intended for completely different audiences, on the same page.  “Oh the stupidity!” I thought at first, of the “Mobile SPY” marketing director, to put an ad on the same site that was hosting medieval cleavage.

Purely out of pity (and a good dollop of schadenfreude), I decided to click on the “Boyfriend Finder” ad.  Imagine my surprise (again!) when I was taken to the site below:

Gee thanks, Mobile Spy! What a useful service!

A few seconds later… Mind. Blown. AGAIN!

An ad with the tagline “See where your boyfriend REALLY is!” takes you to site that asks, “Are you being searched online?”

Pure genius! Playing on the paranoia of douchey types like “Jon S.”, who will be worried their girlfriend might actually be able to track their location, they place ads on male frequented sites (90% of the interwebs) pretending to be targeted towards girlfriends.  And come on, what better way to find the best sites than to simply look for Evony cleavage?

In fact, this ad could easily play on the paranoia of girlfriends as well and thus is perfect for almost any audience.  Some googling reveals that they have also advertised on Facebook.

Incidentally, the original site “www.themobilespy.com” is now defunct and was probably a huge scam, but according to Alexa it had a pretty good run:

Ahh, the interwebs.


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