CES 2010 Predictions


In no particular order:

  • We’ll see the first few HDTVs with 3D support announced for early adopters who like to spend too much on their TVs so they can watch Avatar and Up at home.
  • Netbook manufacturers will find more creative ways to sell tiny computers which are woefully hamstrung by Microsoft’s insistence on crippled specs. (Hi, Samsung!)
  • Google is officially announcing their Nexus One phone tomorrow, and everyone will realize that even Google can’t give you a cheap smartphone with a cheap data plan. Cue the haters.
  • Everyone is going to talk about how their tablet is so awesome, and no one is going to care about the JooJoo. Apple will eventually release theirs later in the year, and people will spend entirely too much money on it.
  • Once the Apple tablet is out, a hypothetical Google Tablet will be the next big thing that everyone talks about.
  • A bunch of companies you don’t give a shit about will announce new streaming video/TV-set-top-box doodads that would be really cool if you didn’t already have an Xbox 360 and/or a DVR that gives you more TV than you could handle.
  • Canon will release a few billion cameras, and they’ll all end up permanently on sale at Dealnews a week later.
  • Hard drives will get bigger.

-patrick miller


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